Oppo Shoulder Support - 1072

Oppo Shoulder Support - 1072

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Brand: Oppo
Product Code: 1072
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Oppo Shoulder Support - 1072

This Oppo shoulder support is made from a comfortable neoprene rubber layer and covered with a breathable cotton outer layer.

This innovative design helps the body retain its heat and increases blood circulation, accelerating the natural healing process.

The lightweight elastic and Velcro strap fastens under the arm, preventing the pressure you would normally suffer from a normal shoulder support or sling upon the opposite shoulder.

The tough design of the support paired with the compression provides added protection and reduces the risk of further injuries while the shoulder heals, whilst allowing enough flexibility of the muscles, tendons and ligaments to be safe and comfortable.

(Do not wear Oppo supports if warming or heat generating liniments or ointments have been applied)

  • Available in four sizes

Measure around the chest.

Small: 32¾″ - 36¾″(83.2-93.3cm)

Medium: 37″ - 40¾″(94.0-103.5cm)

Large: 41″ - 44¾″(104.1-113.7cm)

X-Large: 45″ - 49¾″(114.3-126.4cm)

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