Oppo Wrist and Thumb Support - 1089

Oppo Wrist and Thumb Support - 1089

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Brand: Oppo
Product Code: 1089
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Oppo Wrist & Thumb Support - 1089

Whilst breathable neoprene rubber makes up the structure of this support, it is covered with a durable, comfortable cotton lining on the inside and strong nylon on the outside.

This, like many Oppo products, allows body heat to be retained which accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

The product greatly reduces the risk of recurring injuries to this particular part of the body by aiding in muscle therapy, whilst also giving a strong and pain relieving support. Allowing the wearer to continue with many day to day tasks with comfort and ease. This support incorporates a reinforced metal splint and has a simple Velcro fastening at the wrist and tip of the thumb, making it particularly popular with Procter Health Care customers.

(Oppo supports should not be worn on an injury if a heat generating ointment or gel has been applied as it may cause heat discomfort.)

Available Sizes:

Small: 5½″ - 6⅝″ (14.0-17.0cm)

Medium:  7″ - 7⅜″ (17.8-18.7cm)

Large:  7½″ - 8¼″ (19.1-21.0cm)

Extra-Large:  8½″ - 9¼″ (21.6-23.5cm)

(Note: Measure circumference of your wrist for correct fitting.)

How To Wear:

  • Position thumb on the thumb locking area of support.
  • Be sure the metal splint is on the lateral side of thumb.
  • Secure the hook and loop strap beside thumb area to desired compression.
  • Secure elastic hook and loop fastener to desired compression.
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