2 Pillboxes For £20

2 Pillboxes For £20

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Brand: Pillmate
Product Code: 2for20pill
Price: £20.00
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2 Pill Boxes for £20

Pick any 2 of these Pill Boxes from the list for only £20.

PillMate Pill Chest

PillMate Pill ChestThe PillMate Pill Chest is uniquely designed to help you organise all your tablets and vitamins for one full week. It is made up of four sections, each with easy opening lids printed with the day of the week, along with the time of day. Each lid is secure so you can easily empty your dose into your hand by tipping the Pill Chest upside down without spilling the rest. Read more about the PillMate Pill Chests at https://www.procterhealthcare.co.uk/19021-pillmate-extra-large-multi-dose-pill-chest

PillMate Daily Dose Pill Organiser

PillMate Daily Dose Pill OrganiserThe PillMate Daily Dose Pill Organiser is a compact,  lightweight medication diary. It is ideal for nurses, family members, carers and Pharmacists who need to plan a patient’s medication. Read more about the PillMate Daily Dose Pill Organiser at https://www.procterhealthcare.co.uk/19020-pillmate-daily-dose-pill-organiser

Medidos No 1 Tablet Dispenser

Medidos No 1 Tablet DispenserThe Medidos No 1 Tablet Dispenser is a simple, compact weekly medication diary. It contains 7 clearly marked containers for the days of the week, each including an adjustable compartment for the time of day. The Medidos medication organiser makes it easy to plan your pills for the week and each compartment is removable, enabling you to travel light. Read more about the Medidos No 1 Tablet Dispenser at https://www.procterhealthcare.co.uk/medidos-n01-medidos-tablet-dispenser

Colours will vary. If you have a specific colour you would like please include this information in the comments with your order.

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