Oppo Cushion Air Foam Insoles - 5001

Oppo Cushion Air Foam Insoles - 5001

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Brand: Oppo
Product Code: 5001
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Oppo Cushion Air Foam Insoles - 5001

The Oppo Cushion Air Foam Insoles are a simple, effective fatigue reducing design which is intended for those who require muscular strain relief whilst standing or walking. The insoles are made from the patented Poliyou Polyurethane foam, which is ideal for keeping the feet cool, dry and odour free.

The lightweight, yet efficient cotton lining coats the foam and gives excellent pressure relief and shock absorption.
The insoles are able to be trimmed to size by using a pair of sharp scissors and following the guidelines on the base of the insole.

Includes one pair of insoles, which fit comfortably into most shoes. If you have allergic or sensitive skin, consult your physician or podiatrist before using this product.

Hand wash and air dry.

One size fits all.


  • Keeps feet cool & dry with patented breathable foam
  • Excellent shock absorption reduces foot pain and prevents body fatigue
  • Designed to easily fit all types of shoe
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