Oppo Hallux Valgus Protector - 6440

Oppo Hallux Valgus Protector - 6440

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Brand: Oppo
Product Code: 6440
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Oppo Hallux Valgas Protector - 6440 

The Oppo Hallux Valgus Protector supports the toe and relieves the pain and pressure caused by the bunion rubbing on shoes and surfaces.

The protector is made of an oil-based gel which moulds to the shape of the toe and its irregularity, granting maximum comfort without putting strain on the bunion itself.  
It features an expanding loop that wraps snugly around the big toe, providing a stable and secure support. 

This product contains 1 gel protector which is easy to keep clean and last's a long time, although excessive prolonged use may result in the gel hardening and becoming unusable. Avoid direct contact with open wounds.  
It is best to replace the product after an extended period of use.  


If you have allergic or sensitive skin, consult with your physician or podiatrist before using the protectors.
Hand wash and air dry, then spread with talcum powder.

  • Pad adjusts to contour of toe and toe joint
  • Relieves bunion pressure
  • Suitable for wearing most of the day
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