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Inflatable Bath Pillow

Inflatable PVC Bath Pillow

A quality cost effective solution for those who require neck support and comfort whilst taking a bath.

Recline in comfort while bathing. This PVC inflatable bath pillow is covered with a soft terry cloth, providing a comfortable cushion between the bath and your skin. It is attached securely by 4 suction cups which avoids slipping from your chosen position. Ideally, the pillow should be positioned under the neck, at the base of your head, which gives optimum relief. This allows your head and neck to completely relax.

  • Contours to the shape of your head and shoulders
  • Suction cups on the back secure the pillow in place
  • Inflate as necessary to your required comfort level!


Width: 51cm (20") Length: 38cm (15") Depth: 5cm (2")

Care Instructions: Rinse well after use and allow to dry.

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