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Happy Legs


Happy LegsFor many people who cannot physically move well exercise can be a daunting task and one that can take its toll on the person. For those who want or need more exercise Happy Legs is the perfect solution as it can take you for a walk from the comfort of your chair. Not only can Happy Legs benefit wheelchair users, people with generally poor mobility and the elderly but it also helps with various conditions such as, DVT, swollen legs and ankles and vascular ulcers.

How it works?

Moving your limbs is vital for good blood circulation and Happy Legs provides precise and continuous movement to the legs whilst gently massaging the feet, stimulating muscles and allowing blood to circulate better. Just take a seat and place your feet on the footplates and using the remote control let Happy Legs take you for a comfortable walk on any one of the 3 speed settings it has. Happy Legs is a passive machine, which means it does all the work for you, alternately moving your legs while you remain seated. 

Some points:

Perfect for people who require assistance with walking or who sit down a lot

Vibration free.

Does not use electric stimulus, no electricity

Can be used by pregnant women and people with pacemakers

Uses natural and physical mechanical movement

Quick set up time

Can be used with socks or footwear

Who can benefit from Happy Legs?

Users with mobility issues: If you are seated or lying down for many hours at a time, blood does not pump properly from the legs to the heart. Using Happylegs for three hours has the same results as walking for an hour, obtaining the following health improvements:

Disappearance of swelling in legs and ankles.

Increased muscle oxygenation throughout the body, especially in Alzheimer patients.

Less joint pain, especially in diabetics.

The elderly: After three weeks using the Happy Legs machine users experience the following improvements:

Activate physically and mentally, activity makes you feel better.

Prevention and reduction of chronic venous disease.

Improvements in cardiovascular health, especially in people with pacemakers.

Even working people: Increasingly, more and more professionals are required to sit or stand during the entire working day. Happy Legs offers the major advantage of being an increasingly useful tool for the prevention of occupational risks:

Ergonomic: Improves posture in the workplace, eliminating the symptoms of postural fatigue and the disappearance of back joint discomfort and heaviness in the legs.

Continued use prevents the development of varicose veins.

Strengthens and tones muscles in your legs.

Its gentle movement, as it has a cleansing effect on the body, is an effective ally against cellulite.

Gives us a call on 0800 279 8889 if you require any further information about Happy Legs or would like to order one for yourself.

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