Safe & Sound Digital Soother Thermometer

Safe & Sound Digital Soother Thermometer

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Brand: Safe and Sound
Product Code: SA8096
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Safe & Sound Ditigal Soother Thermometer - SA8096

For use by children age 5 years old or younger. The Soother Thermometer is a sealed unit and the battery cannot be replaced. Please replace the Soother Thermometer when the battery runs out. In the event that the Soother becomes lodged in the mouth do not panic; it cannot be swallowed and is designed to cope with such an event. Remove from mouth with care, as gently as possible.

Instructions: Press the power button on the front of the thermometer. The display will read 188.8E confirming that the display is working. Release the power button and the display will show Lo ⁰C with ⁰C flashing repeatedly. If the ambient temperature is 32⁰C or more the display will show 32⁰C or more. Position the soother teat into the baby’s mouth (measurement should be taken one hour after eating or drinking as this may affect the reading). Once the thermometer has stabilised to the body temperature you will hear a beeping sound and the degree sign will stop flashing and will remain lit (usually within 5-6 minutes). When your baby has a slight fever or needs a  more accurate measurement, leave the unit in baby’s mouth for longer period of time (6-8 minutes). Remove the thermometer from your baby’s mouth. The unit will automatically switch off after 10 minutes. However to prolong the life of the battery, it is best to press the power button and turn it off once the temperature has been taken. Clean the unit with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth. Place protective cap back over the teat and store out of reach of children.  After using the thermometer a few times , you will learn what your baby’s normal temperature is. Oral temperature readings are often 0.5⁰C lower than actual body temperature.

To recall the previous temperature: Press the power button on the front of the unit and release. The display will show 188.8M then will change to show the last measured temperature , then Lo⁰C will be displayed.

Warning: This unit is a medical device, please use it for oral temperature measurement only and not as a regular soother. Do not drop the soother as it is not shock proof. Never leave your child alone when you are measuring its temperature. 

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