Sissel Hydrotemp Moist Heat Pad Shoulder and Neck)

Sissel Hydrotemp Moist Heat Pad Shoulder and Neck)

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Brand: Sissel
Product Code: SISSELHTN
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Sissel Hydrotemp Moist Heat Pad

Perfect for back, neck and shoulder pain, muscle aches, arthritis, tensions and even colds and menstrual pains. Sissel Hydrotemp draws moisture from the air and releases it as clean, deep-penetrating moist heat when microwaved. Additional moistening is not necessary.

Hydrotemp packs release deep penetrating moist heat. Moist heat is more intensive and effective than ordinary dry heat as provided by hot water bottles, electrical hot pads or most seed packs.

Underneath a pleasant, skin friendly cover special microbeads store pure moisture and release it when microwaved. The fine-grained, latex-free filler adapts to the body’s contours.

Material: Polyester cover and PU foam padding, microbeads, odour and latex-free.

Heating instructions: Place product in a clean microwave and heat for approximately 1 minute, remove from the microwave and touch-test. If additional heat is desired, continue heating in 20 second increments. A total heating of 2 minutes should not be exceeded. The Hydrotemp will provide heat for approximately 30 minutes. If necessary fold the Hydrotemp pack to fit in the microwave, folding it loosely. Half way through the heating cycle, remove and fold the other way. Continue heating for the remaining time.

Directions: Place the Hydrotemp on bare skin or on a thin undershirt (may get slightly wet)

Warning: Do not store in an airtight container after use, so that the microbeads may continue drawing moisture from the surrounding air. After use let the product rest for a couple of hours and store in a clean place away from the sun. Do not u on open wounds and infections.

Cleaning: If necessary wipe the product with a moist towel, do not wet completely or wash in a washing machine. 

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