S.A.D Light Therapy Box - Silverlite

S.A.D Light Therapy Box - Silverlite

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Silverlite S.A.D Light Therapy Box
SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a subtype of mood disorder consisting of recurrent major depressive episodes of varying severity, which occur with a seasonal pattern. The most common type of SAD is winter depression with symptoms beginning in autumn and winter. This is followed by full remission or hypomanic states (mild state of mania) during the following spring and summer.

A rare form of SAD occurs during the summer.The cause of SAD is unknown. However it is thought that in people predisposed to winter SAD, decreasing daylight period as winter approaches is thought to be a trigger. Essentially, the onset of SAD is thought to be associated with seasonal reduction in daylight, and its remission to ensuing seasonal increase in daylight.
Light therapy which has been recommended as the first line treatment for SAD. This includes the use of light boxes. Alternatives include light sources adapted for the workplace (such as desk lights or fitments above computer screens), rechargeable light visors and dawn-simulating alarm clocks (body clocks). Both subsyndromal and full-syndromal SAD may respond to light therapy.
The SilverLite light box is produced in a Silver finish to give a modern sleek appearance. Rounded edges, an integral ergonomic handle and superb performance make this top end light box stand out.
  • Powerful 4 Light model with quick treatment
  • Ultra portable model with top handle
  • Two switches to enable you to vary the length of your treatment
  • Contemporary silver coloured case
  • Customers report a treatment time 20 minutes


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