Lille Supreme Form Breathable Large Shaped Incontinence Pads Multipack ( Lille Suprem )

Lille Supreme Form Breathable Large Shaped Incontinence Pads Multipack ( Lille Suprem )

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Brand: Lille
Product Code: 5121
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* Lille Suprem Form Breathable Large Shaped Pads:

Lille Suprem Form Breathable Incontinence pads Multipack
Save 10% when you buy a case of incontinence pads.
Case Sizes -
  • 5121 Regular Plus - 4 x 25 (100 pads)
  • 5141 Extra Plus - 4 x 25 (100 pads)
  • 5161 Super Plus - 4 x 20 (80 pads)
  • 5171 Maxi - 4 x 20 (80 pads)
Lille Suprem Form Breathable Pads are part of a two part system and need to be used in conjunction with a Supreme Fix Pantyslip to hold the pad in place.
These particular Lille incontinence pads are designed for moderate to severe incontinence and are ideal if a very absorbent pad is required.  
Designed for both men and women, Lille Supreme Form Large Pads offer a high level of comfort and discretion.
The waterproof back sheet is made to maximum breath ability and air flow, whilst its polyethylene materials make it extra quiet to reduce any awkward or embarrassing noises.  

The doubly absorbent and odour neutralising pad is surrounded by hydrophobic leg barriers to ensure there is no leakage out the sides, whilst the pad itself has seven absorbency levels to last longer between changes.
There’s even a wetness indicator strip which changes colour as the pad becomes more saturated.

For reflex or heavy incontinence when a very absorbent pad is required.

The Lille Suprem Form incontinence pads are sure to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

Sizes/Volume/Manufacturers Absorbency Value (MAV):

Suprem Form Regular Plus: MAV: 1440mls - Code: 5121
Suprem Form Extra: MAV: 1850mls - Code: 5141
Suprem Form Super Plus: MAV: 2200mls - Code: 5161
Suprem Form Maxi: MAV: 2500mls - Code: 5171
Ideal for use with Incontinence such as:
  • Fecal/Faecal
  • Bowel
  • IBS
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rectal

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