October '16

Richard B -"Good,Easy to find what i needed and to complete purchase"

Eileen D -"A very easy site to move around and very good prices"

William O -" Very straight forward and a pleasant site to use. Would recommend"

David W - " Personal Recomendation"

Pratibha P " Many Thanks for your Excellent service"

September '16

Julie A - "Excellent Service."

Victoria T - "Very Good Easy Site."

Peter G - "Easy to follow order form."

Jane E - "Stress free and very easy."

August '16

Ann B - "Easy to find and order the produts i was looking for."

Weendy C - "Found what i was looking for easily."

Jayne D - "Seems nice and straight forward."

Sara N - "Easy site to negotiate,produts well displayed."

Linda N - "The on line ordering is very efficient."

William L - "Great."

Ann K - "Problem free site."

Kathy G - "Really easy to order and like the site."

Rosemarie  P - "Good shopping experience."

April '15

Gillian R - "Really easy website to use, good to find just what I need at a great price."

Sheila W - "Very easy site."

Sarah L - "Very easy to use."

Penelope C - "Easy site to use."

Terence V - "Very good."

Reg C - "A straightforward easy to follow ordering process."

Patricia H - "Website easy."

Nigel B - "Easy site to get round with good prices to match."

Valerie W - "Nice website, easy to use."

Helen A - "Easy website to use."


March '15

Tina P - "Great."

Elaine S - "Found the item quickly."

Anna P - "Very quick and efficient.'x2

Alexandra K - "Fun and exciting."

Carol G - "Very easy to order."

Penny B - "Easy to shop online."

Nadine B - "Very easy website to use."

Celina O - "Simple and easy to navigate the site got what I wanted quickly."

Margery H - "The shopping has been easy and straight forward."

Malcom D - "Very easy to order from."

Valerie W - "Easy to order."

Helen H - "Very easy."


February '15

Maureen S - "Easy website to use."

John L - "Experience has been good."

Halinka F - "Very easy site to navigate. Will use again."

Shirley W - "Easy site to order from."

Sandra G - "Good website, pleased to have found pillow cases for my V pillow ."

Linda D - "Enquiry - was polite and helpful."

Angela B - "Very quick and easy and found the product quickly too. Cannot buy on the High Street"

Audrey H - "Very easy to order."

Peter G - "I found exactly what I wanted to know about the product which prompted me to order."

Barbara J - "I like your clear & easy-to-use web site, thank you."

Barbara C - "Easy straight forward online shopping."

Gerald M - "Your site is certainly very easy to use."

Tara M - "Very good."

John V - "A very good and informative site."

Rosemary B - "Easy site to negotiate."

Martyn S - "Finally found the pill dispenser I have been looking for for months. :)."

Janette G - "Very easy to order."

Peter L - "Ease of use with ordering and the site itself."

Alison S - "Very simple."

Deborah B - "Easy shopping experience - thank you."

Angela C - "Easy to use website. Good range of products."


January '15

Robert S - "Excellent with very affordable range of products."

Raymond B - "Website easy to use."

William L - "Excellent as usual. Matt is excellent and a credit to your company."

Marilyn M - "Easy so far."

Christine B - "Thank you so much for your continued help!"

Robert H - "So far so good thank you."

Karl W - "Very easy to order from."

Ian W - "Pleasant experience. Easy to navigate site."

Anne D - "Excellent so far."

Wendy M - "Easy to deal with you."

Gordon D - "Simple and straight forward to deal with."


December '14

Howard T - "As a returnining customer I can confirm that the product is of excellent quality, well-made, effective and as pictured and described. Delivered as promised and received in perfect condition."

Sarah C - "Site simple to use."

Helen W - "Very easy online process."

Leslie J - "Simple. Great!"

Jan A - "Easy order process."

William B - "Very easy to see, read and order."

Marjorie L - "Easy to follow."

William B - "So easy to see items with details, easy to order. Last order very fast post, thank you."

Paul P - "Easy process so far!"

Jane Y - "Easy to use website. Pleased about the free shipping!"

Nat T - "Site easy to use."

David G - "Very simple and easy site to use."


November '14

Margaret J - "Straight forward, no problems. I would recommend this company."

Joyce B - "Very easy to shop with you."

Rosemary N - "Very easy to order."

Sara L - "Excellent."

Anne O - "Very helpful,being able to order this product online."

Hilary N - "Shopping experience was good."

Joanne D - "Easy to order."

Paul G - "Very straight-forward ordering."

Tina L - "Very fast and simple."

Alison H - "Easy and quick."

Linda L - "Easy trouble free online shopping with the added advantage of free postage."

John W - "All appears good up to now. Telephone help was first class."

Carol O - "Many thanks for always giving my order your very prompt attention; always much appreciated."

Geoff W - "Very good and efficient."

Sue W - "Very easy to find what I was looking for."

Christopher W - "Good choice of products, helpful product details, good prices - pleased I found you!"

Sue T - "Nice and easey to use, good price and item descriptions - thankyou and Merry Christmas."

Tony H - "Very easy and impressed with the large choice."

Susan S - "So far so good."


October '14

Vivian H - "Shopping was relatively easy."

Sandra W - "Easy to use. Already know superb product and at a competitive price"

Nina C - "Very good."

Jacqui F - "Very smooth and easy website to use thank you."

Liz P - "I like the step method used on checkout, excellent idea, especially being able to go back & modify."

Jean G - "Very easy to order - thank you."

Bill G - "Very good and easy."

Lucy P - "Quick and easy to find what I wanted at a competitive price."

Sally W - "Great help from your team thank you very much."

Kenneth H - "Excellent - have been waiting to purchase this item and have struggled to find it. Website easy to use. First class."

Leslie H - "Website easy to navigate."

Margaret H - "Extremely easy and straight-forward."

William L - "Excellent as always."

Maureen O - "Very easy to folllow instructions, and you had just what I was looking for."


September '14

Shirley H - "Very good."

Jaqueline T - "Fairly easy to understand."

Nigel M - "Shopping experience easy as previously."

Philip C - "Simple to order."

P Johnson - "Very good."

W Ashton - "Shopping with this company is made very easy."

J Owen - "Quite simple."

Alicia V - "Shopping experience was fab really easy and quick."

Sabrina D - "Cool and easy."

Sheila A - "Enjoyable shopping. Please leave parcel behind side gate."

Helen T - "Straightforward. Ideal product.....good price."

Gary W - "Very good."

Michael H - "Was quick and easy."

Jeni-Frances C - "Very easy to use and I am very satisfied."

Ken D - "Good straight forward website."

Gordon D - "Easy to order in the past. Excellent service."


August '14

James E - "Very straightforward and easy to use website."

Eva H - "Very easy to follow."

Shirley H - "Very Good."

Kathy W - "Shopping was easy & quick."

Jan B - "Excellent."

Jeffrey W - "I am just so delighted that I found the pill organizer that I really enjoy as I have had one before but I forgot where I bought it. Thank you."

Alison C - "Easy compared to some sites have tried before."

Shirley H - "My shopping experience was extremely good."

Sue L - "Very easy to use website."

Sheila F - "Quick fast delivery."

Alison M - "Easy to find what I needed for my Mother good alternative option for delivery."

William L - "As always excellent."

Gurmal B - "Very easy to shop on your web site as it presents the last order which saves having to search and create a new cart!"

Amy C - "Easy to shop, brilliant experience."

Lesley G - "Site easy to navigate, good that I didn't have to register for an account."

Jane M - "Brilliant thank you."


July '14

Safdar A - "Very easy to order."

Chris S - "Seems a good website easy to use and order."

Vivien B - "Very easy to use service."

Patrica D - "very good and clear."

Michael D - "Shopping experience is good --- site is user friendly."

Ann B - "Very easy to do online - so far! Helpful assistant on phone to answer queries."

George B - "Easy to obtain selected item."

Matthew H - "Very Good,nice and easy....Thank's."

Jean H - "Very east to use with clear illustrations."

Susan F - "Shopping experience was good."

Charles G - "Nice and straightforward."


June '14

Gordon D - "Good. Very straight forward."

William R - "Satisfactory."

Toni R - "Very prompt and easy to order the item I need"

Maria D - "Very good"

Rose S - "Very pleased to find a local pharmacy online so I could look through for products for my mother"

Lyndsay T - "Very clear and precise. Easy" 


May '14

William O'D - "Having been away for some time, I found a very efficient website which was enjoyable to use."

Kevin A – "Nice and easy to order goods."

Susan A – "Easy shopping."

Mary B – "1st visit. Only looked at a booster cushion but will be back."

Anne B – "Easy to use website."

Joyce C – "Very easy."

Christine D – "Very straight forward no hassle."

Gerald E – "Good. Website easy to use."

William H – "One of the easiest shopping sites i have used with an excellent item description."

Dave L – "Easy!!"

Clive P – "Easy and trouble free."

Carol P – "All very straight forward thank you."

Christine S – "Good clear site."

Pamela S – "Pleased to find the cushion in the size i needed."

Howard T –"Ordering was straightforward and easy, with free delivery too!"

Rodney W – "Found what i needed."

Maureen W – "Easy to follow, good service."


Mar '14

Barbara S - "I visited your shop on 25th Feb whilst on holiday and purchased a wedge Harley cushion for my car. I am pleased to report that it is most successful and has definately brought me up in the world. You were most helpful and patient in helping me decide which one was the best choice and just wanted to let you know the outcome. I had a lovely holiday in Eastbourne and know where to come for more helpful aids."


Jan '14

Edwin R - "It was a pleasure to shop with you and not to be charged postage for only a few items."

Susan M - "Good experience using your website, very simple - please leave next door if not in."


Dec '13

Charlotte B - "Just to say to the team at Procters thank you so much for your fantastic, prompt service!  I ordered yesterday afternoon and found my parcel in my letterbox this morning!  Happy Christmas and a brilliant 2014 to one and all at Procters. From a grateful customer."


Oct ‘13

Janice S – “very simple..have been looking everywhere for bed socks…”

Eileen C – “shopping experience = fine”

Jo R – “very easy to order these goods”

Pauline P – “quick and easy”

Peter G – “ very easy- good website”


Sep ‘13

John H – “very straight forward”

John R – “easy”

Maureen H – “ very easy”

Raymond S – “easy to deal with websit