Medical & Relief

In a world of miniaturisation the choice of monitors, nebulisers and electrical nerve machines some so small they fit onto the wrist are now available at affordable prices. They are simple and easy to use and it is a convenient way to measure blood pressure and blood glucose levels or to deliver a drug to the lungs or even control pain without using drugs. Here at Procter Health Care we provide a range of medical management and monitoring equipment including, Blood Pressure Monitors, Blood Glucose Monitors, Nebulisers, Tablet Organisers, ProSport supports, Tens machines, First Aid Kits, Copper Comfort Support Products.

We also offer a range of relief products, to minimise the risk of pressure sores glance at the variety of products now available designed to minimise the risk of discomfort and possible pain.

We stock quality Seating, Mattress Toppers, Fleeces and Joint Protectors. Friendly advice is on hand to discuss the merits of each product before purchase.