Tablet Organisers, Pill Dispensers and Pill Boxes

A tablet or pill box is a safe and efficient way to carry daily medication whether in a bag or pocket. Designed to separate out pills and tablets into the correct doses, a tablet organiser or dispenser is a helpful way for patients to track and monitor their own medication intake with minimal efforts. A selection of pill boxes, dispensers and containers are available, holding anything from an hourly, daily, twice daily or weekly supply of medications.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, we have organisers and dispensers that include large type lettering as well as Braille to aid the visually impaired, small pocket sized boxes for people on the go, or easy to operate dispensers for those who struggle with the handling of small fiddly pill containers. Perhaps you just need a friendly reminder how much medication to take and when to take it?

We also have pill reminder boxes that include notification alarms. Managing medication and promoting independent medication management has never been easier thanks to a tablet box or pill box, organiser, or dispenser.

Whether you require a multi dose, detachable 1 day or a 7 day pill box we have the perfect product to help you manage your medication, feel free to contact us for more advice on which container is right for you.

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