Incontinence Wipes

There are 5 conditions to ensure healthy skin: Cleanliness, proper moisturising and dehydration, Proper elasticity, Removal of any irritants and Good blood micro-circulation.

Our range of incontinence wipes promote these conditions and come in a variety of size, softness and moisture levels. Skin is constantly exposed to potential damaging agents and a major consideration in keeping healthy skin is hygiene, hydration and an absence of irritants.

Conti Wipes are one of the leading brands of incontinence wipes in the UK, and come in a wide range of sizes, absorbency, strength and softness. They can replace a flannel to wash or dry skin as well as using with your foam wash. They stay strong even when wet and there are extra durable types for everyday needs.

All of our wipes are non flush-able, apart from the Flushmee wipes which are safe to dispose of down the toilet ( max 2 at a time )

Flushmee and Seni wipes are ph balanced at Ph5.5 for the skin and are produced in waterproof packages.

Clinell patient wet wipes come in a resealable lid and are ideal for hospital visits/ stays and contain Aloe Vera but are Paraben lanolin and alcohol free.

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