Lille Supreme Form Breathable Large Shaped Incontinence Pads Multipack ( Lille Suprem )

Lille Supreme Form Breathable Large Shaped Incontinence Pads Multipack ( Lille Suprem )

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Brand: Lille
Product Code: 5121
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* Lille Suprem Form Breathable Large Shaped Pads:


Lille Supreme Form Incontinence Pads Multi-packLille Supreme Form Breathable Large Shaped Incontinence pads Multi-pack

Lille Supreme Form Breathable Large Shaped Incontinence pads Multi-pack provides a practical and financially viable solution for you if you are struggling to deal with the effects of moderate to severe incontinence. You will save 10% when you buy incontinence pads by the multi-pack and recieve free delivery, these incontinence pads are also zero rated for VAT.

Design & Features

  • The Lille Supreme Form Breathable Pads work in tandem with a Supreme Fix Panty slip that holds the pad in position. Together they form a highly efficient two part padding system.
  • These are highly absorbent pads that are designed to work well for both the genders.
  • The pads are equipped with a waterproof back sheet that helps to maximise the each pad’s breathability and air flow; both ‘must have’ qualities for any pad that is designed for severe incontinence.
  • The usage of polyethylene materials in their production makes the pads ‘noise-free’ and prevents emission of any potentially awkward sounds.
  • The hydrophobic leg barriers that surround the pad negate any possibility of a leakage.
  • The pads’ seven absorbency levels increase their durability between changes.
  • The pad’s saturation levels could be measured with a colour changing wetness indicator strip.

You could purchase this product in 4 variants that are available with the following differentiations.

Variant Pads per pack Packs/case Total number of pads MAV Code
Supreme Form Regular Plus 25 4 100 1570 ml 5121
Supreme Form Extra Plus 25 4 100 2220 ml 5141
Supreme Form Super Plus 20 4 80 2740 ml 5161
Supreme Form Maxi 20 4 80 2920 ml 5171


  • The Lille Supreme Form incontinence pads maintain dryness for long periods.
  • The pads are easy, comfortable and convenient to wear.
  • The product offers multipurpose utility and could be used to provide comfort and discretion when dealing with faecal, bowel and rectal incontinence.
  • The pads also have high usability if you are suffering from diarrhoea or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • These are odour neutralising pads that also rank high on their absorbability quotient.
  • Incontinence pads VAT Free. (zero rated VAT)
  • These incontinence pads come with free delivery.
  • Save 10% when purchasing a Multi-pack.
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