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VAT Information

Please note that the new Guest Checkout option is not eligible for VAT relief and only available on registered accounts. 

VAT is a tax that you pay as a consumer when you buy goods and services in the European Union (EU), including the United Kingdom. In the UK the standard rate for VAT is 20 per cent.

If you are disabled or suffer from a chronic illness, you are not required to pay VAT when you buy products which have been designed specifically for disabled people.

Goods and services on which you don't have to pay VAT are often referred to as 'zero-rated' or 'eligible for VAT relief'.  In other words, the rate of VAT that is charged on them is zero. For example, our Lille Pads & Pants are zero rated.  Unfortunately our Lille bed pads are not VAT exemptible. This is because the item is not worn, we can only remove the VAT from disposable incontinence products which are worn by the user.

Not all of our products are eligible for VAT exemption. If the item is exemptible it will state “This product is tax exemptible for disability” underneath the price. If it is not eligible, it will still show the Ex Tax price, however it will not state the above.

Am I eligible for VAT relief?

A person is considered 'chronically ill or disabled' if they:

  • Are Registered Disabled.
  • Have a physical or mental impairment that has a long-term and severe effect on their ability to carry out everyday activities
  • Have a condition that doctors treat as a chronic ailment (diabetes, arthritis etc.) or are terminally ill

A person with a temporary injury like a broken leg would not qualify, nor would a frail older person who was generally able-bodied.

I am eligible, how do I remove the VAT during check out?

Please check that the item you are purchasing is eligible for VAT exemption. If the item is exemptible it will state “This product is tax exemptible for disability” underneath the price.

During the first stage of the check out process, you will be asked to select your tax category. Please select the choice which says “VAT exempt for disability”. You will then be required to fill out your personal details and your address. After you have done this, there will be a third form asking for your disability details. You will need to include your full name, full address and disability description. It will ask for your Disability Registration ID, this is optional and not necessary to continue the check out process.

Can I claim VAT for somebody else?

If the item you are buying is exemptible, and the person who will be using it is eligible then you can remove the VAT from that item. The process is similar to the above; however you have the option to put your or their delivery/billing address and then their disability details. This way you can chose who the parcel goes to, who pays the total and still remove the VAT as we will have all the details we need.

I already have an account, how do I change my Tax Category?

If you need to change your tax category before making an order, please click on “My Account” on the menu at the top of the page. Click the top link “Edit your account, tax category information and payment address” and it will bring you to a page similar to the check out process. Select the choice which says “VAT exempt for disability”. Fill in the full name, full address and disability description and then click continue to save your selection.

To find out if you are eligible for VAT exemption or for any further queries please call our Freephone line on 0800 279 8889.