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December '18

Susan B- "Shopping here was very easy Thanks"

Francis N - " Good Website"

November '18 

Sue P -" Very Easy"

Alison K - "Good Experience"

Muriel B - "Plenty to choose from,east to navigate and prices are good"

Neil S - " An easy To use site with plenty of information"

October '18

Dianne J - " Experience Fine."

Juliette B - So Far So Good"

Lesley S - " Easy"

Geraldine E - " Found what i was looking for, Easy to use check out. Will purchase in the future"

September '18

Christine B -" I am a wheelchair user so need grabbers to pick things up, I have brought from Procters

Before so know they are good & well Made & offer a large selection of aids for everyone."


August '18

Neil  S - " Good Site,easy to navigate"

Huw J - "Shopping experience excellent,Thank you."

July '18

Janette L - " Good Choice with clear description of items."

Keith C- "Quite good"

Hilary D - "Quick and easy"

Doreen H -" Easy to do"

Dominic J -" Great"

Vanessa T -" Easy"


June '18 

Paula B  -"Very helpful lady on the telephone directed me to order online"

Pete B -  " Easy to use"

May '18  

Jennifer A - " Very Pleased with order process"

Carol S -" Quite easy to use,been looking for new pill towers for ages,glad to have found some"

April '18

Jan B - " Excellent, Never have any problem with your website."

March '18

Kate P - " Very easy shopping with you"

Linda  C- "Very easy to search for the product i was looking for"

Allan R - " Website very easy to navigate"

February '18

Mr S -" Service is excellent, Thank you"

Florence R - "An easy to navigate site with good clear description of products, The rest remains to be seen!" 

Lianne F - " Very clear and easy website to use- quite refreshing!"

Alan K - "As always a very professional service. Thank You."

Denise R - " Clear desriptions of items I looked at."

Robert  M - "User Friendly"

January '18

Melanie M - "Fine"

Lynette O - "Excellent"

Norman W - "Good,Fast"

Antony H - " I always recieve superb service from your store"

Robert K- "Good"

Shelia W - " Very helpful,when telephoned and asked for guidance."

December '17

Neil F - " Overall the website seems to work ok. Thanks for your help"

Margaret C - "Good"

Alan K - " I love Shopping with you, Very Professional"

Lynne G - " So glad i found you. Very Good website,easy to use. I will definitely be returning mu custom"

Peter B - " Easily found the product i wanted, very straightforward checkout"

November '17

Carole  G - "Fast and Easy to use"

John S - "Good"

Sandra S - "Very Easy"

Elva M -" Very Good"

Sandra H -" It was fine, easy to do"

Angela R - " I have found the website easy and straight forward. I would come back again."

Eveline M - " Easy to do"

October '17

Michael H - " Shopping easy"

Patricia H - "So far so good"

Jennifer M - " Very Good"

Margaret M " It was very easy shopping with you and I am happy to find what I was Looking For."

Thomas P - " Excellent"

Joan D - " Easy Purchasing"

Michael F - " It was easy to do. Very Pleased."

Laurie J - " Good"

Norman E - " Very Helpful phone assistance"

September '17

Gwen B - " Excellent"

Patrica E -"Easy"

Bill J - "Good"

Rachel T -" Very easy to shop and find things using this website,thank you"

Elaine M " Wonderful customer support, extremely helpful and patient."


August '17

Thomas A - "Very clear site"

Elaine H - "Shopping experience excellent!"

Mrs W P - "So far,order experience swift,easy and clear."

Lesle  R - "Thank you for answering my telephone query so patiently and helpfully."

Jen V - "Very easy"


July ' 17 

Michael B - "Easy peasy!"

Carl D - "Shopping experience through the website very good and easy to find the products required."

Kathleen G - "Quite easy"

John W -"Shopping on this site is very easy"

Michael S - "Good"

Jo E - "Website is very simple to use"

Wendy C - "No problems ordering"

Julia C - "Very good"

October '16

Richard B -"Good,Easy to find what i needed and to complete purchase"

Eileen D -"A very easy site to move around and very good prices"

William O -" Very straight forward and a pleasant site to use. Would recommend"

David W - " Personal Recomendation"

Pratibha P " Many Thanks for your Excellent service"

September '16

Julie A - "Excellent Service."

Victoria T - "Very Good Easy Site."

Peter G - "Easy to follow order form."

Jane E - "Stress free and very easy."

August '16

Ann B - "Easy to find and order the produts i was looking for."

Weendy C - "Found what i was looking for easily."

Jayne D - "Seems nice and straight forward."

Sara N - "Easy site to negotiate,produts well displayed."

Linda N - "The on line ordering is very efficient."

William L - "Great."

Ann K - "Problem free site."

Kathy G - "Really easy to order and like the site."

Rosemarie  P - "Good shopping experience."

April '15

Gillian R - "Really easy website to use, good to find just what I need at a great price."

Sheila W - "Very easy site."

Sarah L - "Very easy to use."

Penelope C - "Easy site to use."

Terence V - "Very good."

Reg C - "A straightforward easy to follow ordering process."

Patricia H - "Website easy."

Nigel B - "Easy site to get round with good prices to match."

Valerie W - "Nice website, easy to use."

Helen A - "Easy website to use."


March '15

Tina P - "Great."

Elaine S - "Found the item quickly."

Anna P - "Very quick and efficient.'x2

Alexandra K - "Fun and exciting."

Carol G - "Very easy to order."

Penny B - "Easy to shop online."

Nadine B - "Very easy website to use."

Celina O - "Simple and easy to navigate the site got what I wanted quickly."

Margery H - "The shopping has been easy and straight forward."

Malcom D - "Very easy to order from."

Valerie W - "Easy to order."

Helen H - "Very easy."


February '15

Maureen S - "Easy website to use."

John L - "Experience has been good."

Halinka F - "Very easy site to navigate. Will use again."

Shirley W - "Easy site to order from."

Sandra G - "Good website, pleased to have found pillow cases for my V pillow ."

Linda D - "Enquiry - was polite and helpful."

Angela B - "Very quick and easy and found the product quickly too. Cannot buy on the High Street"

Audrey H - "Very easy to order."

Peter G - "I found exactly what I wanted to know about the product which prompted me to order."

Barbara J - "I like your clear & easy-to-use web site, thank you."

Barbara C - "Easy straight forward online shopping."

Gerald M - "Your site is certainly very easy to use."

Tara M - "Very good."

John V - "A very good and informative site."

Rosemary B - "Easy site to negotiate."

Martyn S - "Finally found the pill dispenser I have been looking for for months. :)."

Janette G - "Very easy to order."

Peter L - "Ease of use with ordering and the site itself."

Alison S - "Very simple."

Deborah B - "Easy shopping experience - thank you."

Angela C - "Easy to use website. Good range of products."


January '15

Robert S - "Excellent with very affordable range of products."

Raymond B - "Website easy to use."

William L - "Excellent as usual. Matt is excellent and a credit to your company."

Marilyn M - "Easy so far."

Christine B - "Thank you so much for your continued help!"

Robert H - "So far so good thank you."

Karl W - "Very easy to order from."

Ian W - "Pleasant experience. Easy to navigate site."

Anne D - "Excellent so far."

Wendy M - "Easy to deal with you."

Gordon D - "Simple and straight forward to deal with."


December '14

Howard T - "As a returnining customer I can confirm that the product is of excellent quality, well-made, effective and as pictured and described. Delivered as promised and received in perfect condition."

Sarah C - "Site simple to use."

Helen W - "Very easy online process."

Leslie J - "Simple. Great!"

Jan A - "Easy order process."

William B - "Very easy to see, read and order."

Marjorie L - "Easy to follow."

William B - "So easy to see items with details, easy to order. Last order very fast post, thank you."

Paul P - "Easy process so far!"

Jane Y - "Easy to use website. Pleased about the free shipping!"

Nat T - "Site easy to use."

David G - "Very simple and easy site to use."


November '14

Margaret J - "Straight forward, no problems. I would recommend this company."

Joyce B - "Very easy to shop with you."

Rosemary N - "Very easy to order."

Sara L - "Excellent."

Anne O - "Very helpful,being able to order this product online."

Hilary N - "Shopping experience was good."

Joanne D - "Easy to order."

Paul G - "Very straight-forward ordering."

Tina L - "Very fast and simple."

Alison H - "Easy and quick."

Linda L - "Easy trouble free online shopping with the added advantage of free postage."

John W - "All appears good up to now. Telephone help was first class."

Carol O - "Many thanks for always giving my order your very prompt attention; always much appreciated."

Geoff W - "Very good and efficient."

Sue W - "Very easy to find what I was looking for."

Christopher W - "Good choice of products, helpful product details, good prices - pleased I found you!"

Sue T - "Nice and easey to use, good price and item descriptions - thankyou and Merry Christmas."

Tony H - "Very easy and impressed with the large choice."

Susan S - "So far so good."


October '14

Vivian H - "Shopping was relatively easy."

Sandra W - "Easy to use. Already know superb product and at a competitive price"

Nina C - "Very good."

Jacqui F - "Very smooth and easy website to use thank you."

Liz P - "I like the step method used on checkout, excellent idea, especially being able to go back & modify."

Jean G - "Very easy to order - thank you."

Bill G - "Very good and easy."