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  1. Top Tips for Managing your Medication

    7 Day Pill CaseRemembering to take your medication can be difficult at the best of times- but must be really tough if you are unwell in any capacity- short or long term. There are many conditions which make opening a medicine or pill bottle cap very difficult, such as arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease, as well as pushing a tablet through foil can be tricky if you have poor mobility in your fingers or hands. There are many devices to help with this.

    If we only take one pill a day, say in the evening, it can be hard late at night to remember if you have in fact taken it or whether it was actually last nights you are remembering.  Imagine how much of a concern it is for the family of someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s to know if the dose has been taken/given or for someone who

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  2. Grab Your Seat Stick & Get Back To The Places You Enjoy!

    flip seat stickAre there places you would like to go but can’t stand for long? Do you have a folding seat stick? If you don’t have one yet, then why not? There is a variety of seat sticks described further on. Why not have a read and see if a use for you springs to mind.


    These sticks are not specifically designed with the disabled or older person in mind – they are suitable for anyone male or female of any age and because most of them fold and some of them have a carrying bag and lightweight they are particularly easy to take anywhere you may have in mind. Maybe you fancy a day strolling along

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  3. Grab Your Walking Stick and Lets Go

    Walking SticksHere comes the summer, grab your walking stick(s) and lets go, a short walk in the park, a stroll along the seafront or a walk to the shops.

    Many people think ‘I’m not using a stick it will make me look old’. Using a stick can give increased confidence.  It’s like having something to hold on to which consequently helps with balance.

    It is of course very important to have the correct length stick. Too long and it won’t support you- it will feel like you are carrying it and may cause pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Too short and you will feel off balance or as if you are stooping – either way it can be unsafe.

    A lot has changed since the days of only having a wooden stick with a round handle that you could hook over your arm. There are many shapes of handle available a

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  4. Tips For Choosing The Right Walking Aid

    tri walker walking aidWarmer weather is just around the corner. What better way is there to spend part of, what can be a long day, out in the fresh air and sunshine helping to make you feel happy and more healthy. 

    Easy to say for someone who is mobile, but if you find it hard just walking from room to room at home then there are various types of walkers available to help. The walkers below will fit through standard doorways so can be used indoors, particularly the Tri Walker.

    Tri Walker - A 3 wheeled folding walker with brakes but without a seat. These are either steel or aluminium. Steel walkers are slightly heavier, but more suitable for the larger person as the Tri walkers weight makes it more stable. They also generally have thicker tyres than the aluminium version.

    Both types have cable

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  5. All About Pressure Ulcers

    When caring for a bed or wheelchair confined person there are lots of things to bear in mind, such as making sure their diet is healthy and their hygiene is well kept, but something as simple as changing someone’s position can be easily overlooked. This can lead to severe pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, forming on sensitive parts of the body due to irritation and continuous pressure. Pressure ulcers are easier to prevent than treat and are much more common on bony parts of the body such as the heels, sacrum, elbows, hips, back, shoulders and bottom. In the most severe cases it can take less than an hour for a pressure ulcer to develop.

    How do they develop?

    The b

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  6. Lille Products At Procter Health Care

    LilleWe have been stocking Lille products for almost 10 years. Over the years the brand has come under many aliases, such as Tyco, Covidien, Ontex and Ganmill. Here at Procter Health Care, we feel that the Lille brand continues to provide us with quality products which customers want to buy again and again. We regularly receive positive feedback about our Lille products and our service, many of them saying they find the product very reliable and the service prompt.

    Lille Healthcare has been manufacturing continence solutions for over 45 years. They have a large range of items in a variety of absorbencies including incontinence pads, pants,

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  7. What is Incontinence? Physiology, Types of Incontinence, Issues

    What is Incontinence

    Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It is a very common problem and is thought to affect more than 50 million people in the developed world.


    The bladder receives urine from the kidneys through tubes called ureters. Urine is stored in the bladder, which is supported in the pelvis by pelvic floor muscles. Some of this muscle wraps around the urethra, the tube that runs from the bladder to outside the body, to help keep it closed until you need to pass urine. Once the bladder is full, a signal is sent to the brain that you need to pass urine. When you are ready, the brain tells the pelvic floor muscles to relax and open the urethra. The muscles around the bladder contract and push the urine out.

    A problem in any part of this process can result in urinary incontinence.

    Types of urinary incontinence


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  8. Neo-G Airflow Supports


    You can check out our Neo-G supports here

    Injuries can be a pain, quite literally, and when they occur you want to find the most suitable product to provide you with the relieving support you require. As well as providing the necessary pain relief to the affected area you will also look for a support that allows breathability and movement and gives you the freedom to go about your day with ease.

    The ideal support will almost become a second skin to you and go virtually unnoticed

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  9. Free Biofreeze Offer

    We are currently giving away a free sachet of Biofreeze with any order from our range of Supports and Braces. Biofreeze is widely used in the UK and is medically recommended as a pain reliever all over the body.

    It offers a variety of benefits that aid in exercise, therapy, pain relief and overall comfort. Biofreeze uses Isopropyl Alcohol as the active ingredient, penetrating painful areas such as joints, muscles and bones quickly.

    Click here to see our complete range of Biofreeze


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