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Derby Canes - Adjustable

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Adjustable Unisex Derby Canes

The derby handle is very popular and offers excellent support as it carries the user's weight directly over the shaft of the stick. It is reputed to have been designed by Lord Derby, who wanted a stick he could hook over his arm when he wanted his hands free.

We now have a whole new range of Derby Canes, from the classics such as the Marbled Blonde, to the new and exciting leopard print.

  • Elegant canes that take their name from Lord Derby, who favoured this style of handle.
  • The Derby handles provides excellent support for the hand

Any well-dressed man/woman in need of some additional support and balance will want an elegant, fashionable walking stick.

Available In;

  • Marbled Coffee
  • Marbled Blonde
  • Marbled Ruby
  • Pink Floral
  • Candy Lilac
  • Red Grapes
  • Blue Tartan
  • Golden Tendrils
  • Silver Snow Leopard
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