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Hotties Quilted Microwave Hot Water Bottle

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Hottie Microwavable Hot Water Bottle

Microwave Hot Water Bottle Check out our offer of buy any 2 hotties hot water bottles for £20 including mix and match Quilted and Furry.


The Hottie Hot Water Bottle makes a great alternative to traditional hot water bottles by providing a safe way of achieving the comfort and warmth. No need to boil water or struggle with those fiddly stoppers! Simple to use, the thermal pack does not require emptying or refilling.

It microwaves in minutes and stays warm for hours at a time. The Hottie is filled with water that is soaked onto a non woven material pad. Hotties do not contain any dangerous sticky gels or wax.

Designed especially to ease rheumatic pain, lower back pain, arthritic pain, stomach pain, muscular & joint ache, period pain, circulatory problems, child growing pains, pregnancy & labour pain, sprains and injuries, pre & post operative pain and general aches and pains.

Choose from a great range of colours! Quilted Hottie Hot water bottles:

  • Royal Stewart Tartan
  • Blue Tartan
  • Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Burgundy (Out of stock)

Each microwavable heat pad is 21 x 25cm (8.5 x 10 inches) in size.

Helpful Hints

Please when using the Hotties Hot Water Bottles it is very important not to guess the wattage output and to follow all instructions correctly and accordingly.

  • Water is safely absorbed onto special material that is permanently sealed in a thermal pack to avoid leaks, splashes or spills
  • Heat is released progressively for longer lasting comfort and warmth.
  • To heat, place the Hottie ™ in the microwave and follow the heating instructions on the packet
  • Smart, decorative cover releases heat gently for longer lasting warmth
  • Microwave hotties are environmentally friendly
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