Ankle Supports

Ankle Supports offer differing degrees of compression and support. Mild sprains may require ankle supports for running or when returning to sport after injury. Stronger supports are available for severe injury. Copper Comfort products are ideal for arthritic problems.

Laced and wraparound ankle supports and braces are suitable ankle supports for football, netball and other sports. The level of compression and support can be adjusted to suit individual preference. 


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Useful information about Ankle Supports

Our comprehensive range of Ankle Supports can aid recovery from injury as well as prevent sprains, breaks and other inflammatory conditions, including supporting “weak ankles”. The can be worn during day to day activities as well as sports activities such as running, football and golf.
Our supports are varied and can help with many conditions, offering a comfortable fit and designed to prevent recurrent sprained ankle injuries, ankle weakness and ankle pain.

Our Oppo range offers all levels of supports starting with the simplest ones, that can be used for mild support and are usually simple elastic or neoprene sleeves that offer compression and warmth retention for increased circulation and recovery or relief from arthritis. We also have the Oppo Open Toe and Heel Ankle Support – 1001, which has an open heal for added comfort. Procters also have a version with a Velcro strap (ref 1004) which provides an added level of compression.
Our unisex NeoG range has specialist breathable fabric to help control moisture during sporting or other physical activities, to provide support during movement. The slimline design means it can easily be worn under clothes, at work and in everyday activities.