Back, Lumbar and Abdominal Supports

There are many varied reasons why someone can experience pain and discomfort in the back and shoulder areas. As well as degenerative causes, for many people it is a matter of lifestyle habits and physical activity. For example, if you have poor posture, it can impact your lower back, or if you over-exert yourself during an exercise routine or sporting event, you can tear or strain ligaments or muscles. Carrying extra weight can be painful, whether it is pregnancy, bariatric support, or recovering from surgery.  

We carry a range of specialist supports & braces for prevention and treatment of pain, weak muscles and poor posture including abdominal support belts, abdominal support binders, ankle braces and supports, back supports, elbow supports and braces, wrist wraps and supports, calf supports and shin supports.

Abdominal supports can give an all around the trunk back support. Supports in this area can stabilize other associated strains such as hernias and lumbar conditions. Our supports come in different sizes but have adjustments to cater for in-between sizing.

We stock a wide range of Oppo products in this section to cater for back issues, including a Maternity Belt for pregnant mothers during the various stages of pregnancy and growth.

Click on any of our Back, Lumbar or Abdominal Support products below for further information on the individual items, with full details of where maximum relief is achieved. Each support can be used as shown, with a sizing guide to ensure you choose the correct item. Please call for clarification if required.

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