Oppo Tennis Elbow Support - 1086

Oppo Tennis Elbow Support - 1086

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Brand: Oppo
Product Code: 1086
Price: £8.50
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Oppo Tennis Elbow Support - 1086
This Tennis Elbow Support is constructed using the same signature material as many other Oppo products, using a strong neoprene rubber layer sandwiched between a comfortable cotton lining and nylon laminates.
This has the benefit of accelerating the body’s natural healing process by retaining body heat and increasing the blood circulation around the injured area. 
An extra circular pressure pad is incorporated and is designed to be placed over the target muscle to not only reduce the risk of further damage but also create greater flexibility in the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.
The adjustable hook and loop strap offers application of greater tension on the injury if required. 
(Do not wear Oppo supports if warming or heat generating liniments or ointments have been applied)
  • One Size Fits All

How To Wear:

  • Wrap support around elbow and position the circular pad on the extensor or flexor muscle and fasten it.
  • Secure the hook and loop strap to desired compression.


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