Oppo Elbow Wrap - 2185

Oppo Elbow Wrap - 2185

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Brand: Oppo
Product Code: 2185
Price: £6.25
Ex Tax: £5.21
Oppo Elbow Wrap - 2185
The Oppo wrap range is designed to use the extra-strength elastic and transverse nylon fibres to bring you comfortable, long lasting support and this elbow wrap is no different.
Using a simple ‘starter loop’ around your elbow, you can reposition the wrap to adjust flexibility as well as being able to control the amount of support and pressure that is applied right from the start. 
This Oppo elbow wrap uses a Velcro fastener to hold it in place and is intended to be used in conjunction with all sports, athletic activities and everyday use. The wrap is very lightweight, great value for money and is ideal for pain relief & reducing the risk of further injury.
(Do not wear Oppo wraps if warming or heat generating liniments or ointments have been applied)
  • One Size Fits All


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