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Beurer Foot Warmer FW20

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Beurer Foot Warmer - FW20

We all suffer from cold feet in the winter months and it's not pleasant.

The Beurer FW20 Foot Warmer has been created so we never have to suffer from cold feet again! The Beurer FW20 foot warmer is easy to use. Simply plug into the mains, switch on and allow to warm up for few minutes. Then place your feet inside the warmer to enjoy healing and soothing warmth. 

The FW20 footwarmer is an Ideal, economical, safe way to provide warmth for anyone who sits at a desk, or on the sofa watching TV The footwarmer can also be used while switched off, because its 'teddy-bear' plush will warm the user's feet even if there is no electrical outlet nearby.

The 3 Temperature settings are:

1. 25 - 40ºC

2. 40 - 45ºC

3. 45 - 50ºC

  • BSS overheat protection
  • Removable and washable fleece lining
  • Electronic temperature with 3 illuminated temperature settings
  • Automatic switch off after approx 90 minutes
  • Size approx: 32 x 36 cm Watts: 100
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