Walking SticksHere comes the summer, grab your walking stick(s) and lets go, a short walk in the park, a stroll along the seafront or a walk to the shops.

Many people think ‘I’m not using a stick it will make me look old’. Using a stick can give increased confidence.  It’s like having something to hold on to which consequently helps with balance.

It is of course very important to have the correct length stick. Too long and it won’t support you- it will feel like you are carrying it and may cause pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Too short and you will feel off balance or as if you are stooping – either way it can be unsafe.

A lot has changed since the days of only having a wooden stick with a round handle that you could hook over your arm. There are many shapes of handle available and the best shape is really up to the user to choose:

Crook Handle Walking Sticks

This is available in Chesnut, Beech and Ash wooden sticks or aluminium folding adjustable or non-folding adjustable sticks.  The curved handle can sometimes cause hand or wrist pain because when it is leaned upon, only the centre of the palm of the hand takes the pressure.  Also, again, because of the curve, when using the stick the wrist can either bends backward or tip down depending which side of the crook is being held.  However, a lot of people still prefer this shape.

Derby Handle Walking Sticks

This is horizontal with the handle pitched up at the front and a curl on the rear with a slight dome in the middle that spreads the weight evenly across your palm.  The wooden Derby is available in two thicknesses, gents and a slightly slimmer handle for ladies.

Anatomic Handle Walking Sticks

This may suit someone who has Arthritis as it is shaped and will support the whole of the palm, front to back, side to side. It is available on a wooden shaft, or an aluminium folding adjustable stick.

Fischer Handle Walking Sticks

This is very similar to the anatomic handle but is slightly longer and also supports the heel of the hand spreading any pressure evenly over the palm.

There is also a range of sticks, floral, adjustable, folding (or not) with a petite handle for ladies with very small hands. For anyone not wanting a stick, there is the option of an adjustable Hiking pole or maybe a folding adjustable Hiking Pole.

So there can be something for everyone – to suit your needs – and improve quality of life.