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flip seat stickAre there places you would like to go but can’t stand for long? Do you have a folding seat stick? If you don’t have one yet, then why not? There is a variety of seat sticks described further on. Why not have a read and see if a use for you springs to mind.


These sticks are not specifically designed with the disabled or older person in mind – they are suitable for anyone male or female of any age and because most of them fold and some of them have a carrying bag and lightweight they are particularly easy to take anywhere you may have in mind. Maybe you fancy a day strolling along the seafront or just walking around the shops. Perhaps a trip to a museum or are you going on holiday?


Lady or gentleman, tourist or sport spectator. Whether you’re actually at The Open watching the Golf or Epsom watching the Derby or walking around the South of England Show in June or even for the childrens or grand childrens sports day, one of these walking sticks with seats will suit you.


There are two types of seat foot available – firstly the ferrule, to cater for the hard ground such as pavements and hard summer grassy ground or possibly slippery smooth shop or museum floors and the other is a spike with a ground plate over the top which stops the spike sinking too far down into soft ground if the weather has been a bit wet as is often the case here in the uk.


Folding Seat Sticks are also something very popular at this time of the year.  There is a variety of these.  All seat sticks come with ferrules fitted as standard and can easily be replaced when worn.


Trio Maxi Seat Sticks

The Trio has an oval seat, 3 legs and a handle.  When the seat is slid up vertically it can be used as a one legged walking stick. Slide the seat down and the legs open to form a tripod allowing the user to sit and rest.


Quattro Folding Seat Sticks

This has four feet and a canvas seat and comes in three heights.  When folded in half it becomes a supportive 4 footed walking stick.  These are the two most popular seat sticks but there are others that fold, are smaller and have a nylon canvas shoulder bag to carry them in. 


Packaway Seat Sticks

Folding and adjustable with a seat like a bicycle saddle.  Point and ground plate for use on grass is also included.  Complete with carry bag.


Flip Seat Sticks

Flipsticks are an excellent choice for leisure / sporting and other outdoor events, featuring a comfortable seat with an ergonomic handle which folds up and help with a popper catch for easy use.


Observer Superseat Seat Sticks

Adjustable height with folding butterfly shaped seat.


Walker Seat Sticks

Adjustable height with bicycle shaped seat.


Explorer Superseat Seat Sticks

Folding butterfly shaped seat with point and ground plate.


Folding Superseat Seat Sticks

Folding butterfly shaped seat with spike and ground plate.  Also folds to go into its carry bag.  An alternative for anyone not wanting a walking or seat stick – another option would be either an adjustable Hiking Pole or a folding adjustable Hiking Pole.

The term ‘seat stick’ covers many practical seats ranging from traditional leather 'shooting sticks' to fashionable seats made from contemporary materials.
Everyone likes to take the weight off their legs and back at times, whether watching sporting events, at a picnic or simply for regular rests whilst going about day-to-day life.  However, remember a spike is used on soft ground and rubber base or rubber pad on hard ground. If you want to a shooting stick for both hard and soft ground then go for a combination with both spike and rubber.
The more able-bodied often favour single-leg seats, whilst three legged seats are ideal for those who want to sit for longer periods of time or seek greater stability.

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