Hydrant Drinking System

Hydrant Drinking System

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Brand: Able 2
Product Code: PR65222
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HYDRANT DRINKING SYSTEMThe Hydrant drinking aid is an easy way to receive instant access to water without assistance. 

The Hydrant water bottle is made up of a 1 Litre bottle and a length of hose which closes the gap between the drinker and the drink. 
The end of the hose is tipped with a bite valve to prevent leaks, to draw water out of the bottle the user must bite down on the valve and suck. The design also includes a clip/handle which makes it easy to attach to beds, wheelchairs, bags, bikes and belts, as well as making it easy to hold. 

This product is ideal for wheelchair users and people who are bed bound and want their independence without becoming dehydrated. Marked on the side of the bottle are the water measurements, making it simple to monitor the water intake of the user. 

1 Litre Bottle

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