Copper Comfort

Joint supports with added copper compounds to aid aches and pains associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Copper comfort helps blood circulation and increase skin surface temperature.
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Useful information about Copper Comfort Supports

Copper Comfort elasticated supports help provide an extra therapeutic effect by providing insulation to the joint for gentle warmth and comfort.  Heat has long been associated with an improved blood flow and consequently, an improved healing time.
For additional benefit they are manufactured with real copper thread, which for centuries has been held to stimulate circulation and ease stiffness and pain. Copper Comfort supports do not restrict movement as the copper is combined in such a way that flexibility is not diminished.
We stock the range of sizes to help with Knee, Ankle and elbow strains. They can be washed, as per the manufacturers instructions, time and again, and will continue to give support and relief form strains and pains