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Copper Comfort Ankle Support

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Copper Comfort Ankle Support


The Copper Comfort Ankle Support is made of wool and flexible fibres, which have been carefully treated with copper compounds.
Not only is it soft to the skin, it is also washable in lukewarm soapy water, without losing any of its thermal warmth or copper content.
It comes in two sizes and the design provides steady warmth at the problem area, ideal for those who suffer from joint and muscle pain in the ankle & foot.
The steady heat applied to the muscles increases blood circulation which in turn, quickens the body's natural healing process.

Small/Medium: is suitable for an ankle size of 17.5-22.5cm (7-9 inches) approximately.
Large-XL: is suitable for an ankle size of 22.5-27.5cm (9-11 inches) approximately.

  • Available in two sizes.
  • Steady heat application ensures faster natural healing.
  • Compact, comfortable and effective.
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