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Safe and Sound 7 Day Pill Organiser

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Safe and Sound 7 Day Pill Organiser

The Safe & Sound 7 Day Pill Organiser acts as both a safe and convenient storage holder, as well as a friendly reminder to take medication.

The tablet dispenser is made from a durable plastic and is both lightweight and compact. Each lid has the day of the week printed on it, with an additional Braille letter for the visually impaired.

With the seven compartments clearly labelled by day, this handy pill organiser acts as both a portable pill dispenser as well as a useful reminder or tracker of daily medication intake.

This 7 day pill organiser is easily small enough to be carried in a pocket or bag, while being strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

  • One compartment for each day of the week.
  • A great way to keep on top of your medication.
  • Easily stored in a pocket or bag.
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