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Waterproof Mattress Cover

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Waterproof Mattress Covers

Waterproof mattress covers are placed over your bed and have been designed to protect your mattress from accidental spillages and incontinence leaks. Waterproof mattress covers provide ideal everyday protection for your mattress and for individuals with incontinence problems.

The mattress covers are made of waterproof vinyl sheets and have elasticated corners for complete protection against moisture and wetness. The waterproof mattress protector cover also helps to keep your skin dry from any moisture.

These waterproof mattress covers can be used alone, or for added security you could use this mattress cover with other waterproof bed protection products.

Our waterproof mattress protectors are part of our reusable incontinence products ranges.

  • Fitted vinyl sheets with elasticated corners for complete protection
  • Available in single and double bed sizes
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