Medisure Steam Inhaler

Medisure Steam Inhaler

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Brand: Valley Sundries
Product Code: MS05475
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Medisure Steam Inhaler

Medisure Steam Inhaler. The easy way to inhale steam and aromatics Medisure Steam Inhaler is a convenient and simple way to help relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds, flu and blocked sinuses.

Helps to relieve nose and throat congestion, clearing the nasal passages for easier breathing. Steam inhalation has long been a widely used method of clearing the airways, where warming and moisturising effects loosen and soften mucous and catarrh.

Instructions for use: Connect mask section to lid and ensure a secure fit. If required add the recommended amount of inhalent to the cup and carefully follow instructions provided with the inhalant product. With the cup on a firm flat surface add hot water to the cup and fill to around two-thirds full. The water should be very hot but NOT boiling.

Carefully place lid and mask section onto the cup and ensure fit. With the cup held level and held firmly by both handles; place the nose and mouth into the mask section. Breathe in slowly and repeat up to 5 times before taking the nose and mouth well away from the cup and breathing normally for one to two minutes. Repeat this procedure as necessary.

Always consult your doctor about persistent, painful or worrying symptoms. For young children (under 10), use only under advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional. For use with children, ensure that the cup is held by a responsible adult at all times and that cooler water is used in the cup. For older children (over 10) use only under close adult supervision, with cooler water and with child securely seated at a table.

Warnings: Hot water scalds - this item is not suitable for use by children. Thoroughly inspect all parts before first use and before each further use to ensure that there are no signs of wear, damage, defect or foreign particles. Wash all parts before first use.

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