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Safe & Sound Motion Sickness Bands

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Safe & Sound Motion Sickness Bands SA6036

2 in a pack. These bands can be used to relieve travel sickness, morning sickness and other causes of nausea. The stud on the wristband applies constant pressure to the P6 point on your wrist and helps alleviate sickness. The bands can be applied before, during or after the onset of nausea. Suitable for adults and children.


  • Place your middle three fingers on the inside of your opposing wrist with the edge of the third finger on the top crease in your wrist.
  • The P6 acupressure point is just under the edge of the index finger between the two central tendons.
  • Position the stud facing downward over the P6 point.
  • For the bands to be effective, apply one on each wrist.
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