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Tabtime Medelert Pill Reminder & Dispenser

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Tabtime Medelert

The Tabtime Medelert is a tablet dispenser with a difference. It is especially designed to be used by alzheimers and dementia patients who ordinarily have trouble with times and correct dosage. Safe and easy to use, the Tabtime Medelert pill reminder and dispenser system will allow carers and family peace of mind knowing that the patient will be able to take medication at the correct times.

The Tabtime Medelert is an automatic tablet reminder and dispenser that has a clever loackable design, this means the patient will be unable to access medication inside the pill organiser, until the correct time is reached and the tablet / medicine reminder alarm sounds. The dispenser will release the medication, then simply tip the tray over to remove the required medication, and this will also stop the alarm.

Suitable for use by patients requiring medication up to four times daily.

Depending upon how many times a day medication is required, the tray will hold up to four weeks supply.

The tray can be locked so that only those who need to fill with medication have access.

  • Fully automated timed release of medication
  • Visual and audio reminder alarms
  • Battery operated and portable
  • Can hold up to 4 weeks medication
  • Tamper proof thus preventing doses being accessed before time

Take a look at the video below on how to use the Tabtime Medelert.

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