LilleWe have been stocking Lille products for almost 10 years. Over the years the brand has come under many aliases, such as Tyco, Covidien, Ontex and Ganmill. Here at Procter Health Care, we feel that the Lille brand continues to provide us with quality products which customers want to buy again and again. We regularly receive positive feedback about our Lille products and our service, many of them saying they find the product very reliable and the service prompt.

Lille Healthcare has been manufacturing continence solutions for over 45 years. They have a large range of items in a variety of absorbencies including incontinence pads, pants, bed pads and incontinence wipes. Their products are designed so that the user can be discreet with their continence management, while living life to the full!

Lille Pads

Quality and variety is very important to us at Procter’s. We have something for everybody and aim to meet individual needs. We have continence care combinations for any situation and we are always on the lookout for new products to expand our incontinence range. For example, light male urinary incontinence can be discreetly managed with the use of Male Shaped Pads. Unisex light to moderate urinary incontinence can be met with our straight or shaped pads, to be used with a tight fitting net or lycra pant. Alternatively, disposable all-in-one pant style incontinence products are ideal for heavy urinary incontinence or dual/faecal incontinence. All of these solutions can be used with Lille Bed Pads for extra security at night. The Lille Bed pads can also be used on their own.


To make it easier to purchase any of our Lille products, we have created a Lille specific product category so that you can find all of their products in one place. To save you time and money, we also have the option of buying incontinence products as multipacks. Buying in bulk saves you 10%!

We hope you enjoy browsing our products - we love hearing what you think about our products, our website and our service. Product reviews can be left on product pages, and any feedback about our service can be emailed to to be added to our testimonials page. Please click here to go to our information and guidelines on continence care.